Ian Cardy Photographer

Portrait, Lifestyle, Fashion Photographer in Sydney Australia

Hi, I am Ian, an English photographer now based in Sydney Australia with over ten years of experience in photography.
I work with passionate artists, models, actors and individuals to make them look professional, and stand out above competitors through outstanding creative photography.
Together, we can develop the perfect imagery for your press, website, print and social media growth!


About Me

My work ethic is friendly and professional, working with many artists, models and designers over the years and hundreds of families.
I love learning new skills within the creative industry and being able to cover most of the visual aspects of any business with all the knowledge I’ve been acquiring throughout the years.
If you need any help with any visual aspect of your business or yourself as an individual, I’m available worldwide.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to hear your needs and see how I can help you with them!
I am fully vaccinated and follow all the current Covid-19 Rules.


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Behind the scenes on location and in studio


iancardyphotography@icloud.com, 0480163561, Sydney, NSW Australia.

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